Humans are a simian race belonging to the Template Race Homo, moved out of the plains and forests to be comfortable in many different environments. They are mildly prolific and very diverse culturally, but typically have some sort of emphasis on family units and loyalty to a larger tribe or nation. Humans can function in most capacities, but excel as diplomats or soldiers and are somewhat poor as cognitors or mages. Humans as a whole are tend to be more focused on short run goals and plans, rather than long run objectives.

Human body types vary substantially. The average height of an adult human is about 1.5 to 1.8 m tall, although this varies significantly from place to place.The average weight for a human is 76–83 kg for males and 54–64 kg for females. Unlike most other primates, humans are capable of fully bipedal locomotion, thus leaving their arms available for manipulating objects using their hands, aided especially by opposable thumbs.

Humans appear hairless compared to other primates, with notable hair growth occurring chiefly on the top of the head, underarms and pubic area. Human skin hues can range from very dark brown to very pale pink, while human hair ranges from blond to brown to red to, most commonly, black, with hair color fading to grey or even white hair with age.

Humans tend to be physically weaker than other similarly sized primates, but make up for it with intelligence and numbers. Human intelligence is mostly grounded in the physical and social, but there are some exceptions. Human technology encompasses all levels of development, as do human sciences, with few notable exceptions related to the way humans perceive time and space.


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